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From self-service to pick-up and delivery, Access Laundry is dedicated to providing laundry services on your terms. Our goal is to provide safe, clean and friendly environments for customers visiting our facilities, with a full range of standard and high capacity washers and dryers. For those that prefer our highly trained staff to do the work our Access Plus, Access Premier, and Access Corporate services have been designed to maximize convenience. We are confident you will love the presentation of your freshly laundered clothes, comforters, and uniforms.

Access Self-Service icon

Access Self-Service

24 hour service

With washer capacity ranging from 20lb to 75lb our reliable high efficiency machines will take care of your regular loads as well as large items such as king size comforters. Relax and read or watch TV while you wait or ask us to transfer the wash to the dryer while you run an errand or two. If you need products we carry a full range of detergents, bleaches and fabric softeners. Our facilities have attendants on duty and provide free Wi-Fi and 24 hour video surveillance. Alternatively, take advantage of our Access Plus service and let us take care of your laundry from start to finish.

Double load: from $3.00
Quadruple load: $6.00
Mega load: $9.00
Dryers: $0.25 per 7 minutes

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Access Plus

9:00am - 5:00pm, 7 days per week

Simply drop-off your laundry, dry cleaning and shoe repairs at one of our facilities and let us do the work for you.

Same day service available for laundry before 11:00 am, next day after 11:00 am.

For drop-offs at a locker station text your name, locker number, and locker access code to 770-833-9894 or email to

We will let you know when your clothes are ready for pick-up via text or email including your locker number and access code for pick-ups outside attended hours.

Same day service:
$1.75 per lb/$2.00 w/e
Before 11 AM

Standard service:
$1.50 per lb/$1.75 w/e
Next Day

Dry Cleaning Prices

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Access Premier

Pick up and delivery 9:00am - 5:00pm, 7 days per week

Currently serving zip codes 30350, 30338, 30328, and 30346

Simply enter your information in the online form or call us to schedule pick up of your laundry, dry cleaning and shoe repairs from your residence, leasing office, place of work, or other designated location. You will receive a text, email, or phone call as soon as your clothes are ready for delivery to your preferred location within the catchment area. Laundry will typically be ready for delivery within two days of pick-up.


  • We pick up from the location you designate.
  • Dry cleaning is professionally processed using modern dry cleaning technology and a computerized tracking system.
  • We offer a professional service for everyday clothing as well as items that require specialized treatment such as delicate fabrics, evening gowns, uniforms and area rugs.
  • Laundry is segregated into whites, colors and delicate fabrics and washed separately using high efficiency detergents.
  • Completed laundry is professionally folded and packaged by type such as adult clothing, children's clothing, bedding, and uniforms.
  • We inform you of the approximate delivery time by text message, email, or phone call.
  • We deliver to the location you designate.

$1.50 per lb
Next Day

Dry Cleaning Prices

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Access Corporate

9:00am - 5:00pm, 7 days per week

We service gyms, health clubs, salons, hotels, residential facilities, sports teams and restaurants. Please call us or complete the online form to schedule a meeting. We will come to you to discuss your needs.

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